Hubbard Family Foundation

Those seeking grants from The Hubbard Family Foundation should first review the grant guidelines to determine if their initiative and funding needs are consistent with the Mission and interests of the Foundation. 

Once you have determined your request falls within the established guidelines of The Hubbard Family Foundation, your initial contact with The Hubbard Family Foundation is requested to be in the form of a letter of intent. 

The letter of intent is not to exceed three pages.  Letters of intent will not be considered unless they are complete.  The letter should describe: 

(1) the person or entity seeking funding, including a brief description of the program/project for which funding is requested;

(2) the specific purpose for which funds are sought; 

(3) the amount requested for one year, including the specific amount sought from The Hubbard Family Foundation, 

(4) a general statement about what the proposed program will achieve and how it comports with the Mission of The Hubbard Family Foundation;

(5) the anticipated length of time required to be successful in the endeavor sought to be financed, and

(6) a list of other funding sources, if any, and whether confirmed or not confirmed.  

If an initial affirmative response is given, The Hubbard Family Foundation will then request a full proposal.

All letters of intent must be submitted to the following
e-mail address: 
or faxed to: (916) 986-9797. 

If you receive an affirmative response from the Foundation after having submitted your initial Letter of Intent, you will be required to complete and submit the Grant Application attached hereto as Attachment 1.

Application process