The intent of The Hubbard Family Foundation is to give back to the community by supporting the advancement of the arts, education and entertainment and encouraging youth in the area to become interested and succeed in these areas.  The original intent was to provide a lasting improvement for young people as a way of giving back for years of success in Northern California, and specifically the Napa Valley.

It is the hope of Michael and Melinda Hubbard that the Hubbard family be involved and participate in the Foundation and that it becomes a legacy for generations of Hubbards that follow.  It is the intention of the donors that causes are supported that will grow and make a substantial impact in the Napa Valley region.  It is our intention that the Foundation continue to grow and promote the Foundation’s Mission.  

Should the operation and administration of the Foundation become difficult and divisive among the family, it is our intention the Foundation continue and be run by an Executive Director of Mike and Melinda’s choice, or an independent agency selected by that individual.  

Donor Intent

Hubbard Family Foundation