Grant guidelines

The Hubbard Family Foundation is a private family foundation based in Napa, California and funded by Michael and Melinda Hubbard, husband and wife.  The Foundation believes in the following:

  • Promoting and encouraging young people in the arts, primarily in and around the Napa Valley region;

  • Inspiring creativity in children 17 and younger by exposure to entertainment and artistic endeavors;

  • Funding programs that support the development of creative and artistic endeavors primarily for young people in the community.

The Foundation awards approximately $10,000.00 in grants each year, though the exact amount is dependent on the size of the endowment and compliance with applicable law.  The Hubbard Family Foundation will consider requests for a broad range of grants provided they satisfy the Mission and purpose of the Foundation.  The type of grants considered range from operating and established programs and projects to start up endeavors. 

The Foundation awards the majority of its grants to charitable, nonprofit organizations which are recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) public charities, as well to individuals for scholarships. 

The Hubbard Family Foundation generally does not make grants which:

  • Have the purpose or intent to lobby legislation or influence public elections;

  • Relate to or support animal rights or animal welfare cases;"

  • Promote or advance any particular religious doctrine;"

  • Organizations with access to mainstream financing;

  • Finance medical research

Grant guidelines

Hubbard Family Foundation